Saturday, 5 November 2016

Second Best?

Fifty years ago today a miracle took place. One of those alchemical moments that are only possible in the isoteric when anything seems possible and the impossible becomes plausible. Or to put it another way some one had a great idea that allowed a television and cultural icon to perform the greatest Deus ex Machina in television history. They did not call it a regeneration then. The character was not sagging under the weight of canon at that point.
             These were the days when "Who" meant Who?
              How did he do it? There was no template for what Patrick Troughton was about to try. To not just replace a lead character but to become that character. It was unprecedented at this point in television history and it was probably only really believed by even the most generous that the BBC were only extending the life of a much loved show by perhaps another season. Yet here we are...I remember hearing John Lydon say in the Julian Temple movie that when it comes to performing he never knows where it is going to come from. that he has to dig deep and pull something out of the bag. Well Patrick Troughton did that in spades.
                So much is owed to Patrick Troughton.I will be quietly thanking him today.
                And missing him.