Friday, 25 March 2016

tom Tom Club.

Look what Titan Comics have brought out this week! Just look at those covers! Whats a chap on a limited budget supposed to do? Exercise self discipline and buy only one or throw caution to the wind and buy whichever ones one desires. What would Oscar Wilde have done? There is only one thing to do about temptation and that is yield to it. Mind you, Oscar Wilde never worked in retail. Fancy that; Meeting Oscar Wilde working on the checkout in Lidl. I suspect people would duck his til as the queue would always be longer as he waxed lyrically to all and sundry. But I digress, are they not things of beauty..
           Classic Tardis team too. The Doctor and Sarah Jane Smith. My childhood travelling chums. Tom and Elizabeth shared such a special chemistry. Watch their faces when they are in a scene together. Even when that scene does not require them to speak or do anything. Not doin' nuthin' they stand there emitting character. Oh bring it on and more please..