Sunday, 6 March 2016

A Club Of My Own.

My Swim Team.My Mercurial Men's Own Meteors. Not as exclusive as it sounds. We are in fact open to all comers..
              I am the one in the top hat with the scotch tarten lining.
              We recently won the Underwater Twister Formation team Championships in the scenic city of Aqualonia. A fierce competition where we just about defeated a team of Sea-Devils who in a major huff( ironically the name of their team leader.) have since retreated to their underwater hibernation bunker to sleep until such a time as we are all dead so that they might try again.
               Silurians and Sea-Devils are notoriously huffy and will enter the Long Sleep for the silliest of reasons.
                I love my nautical chums.
                i call them my Waterbabies.That is like calling them my "homeys" only wetter.