Saturday, 5 September 2015

Its Good To Talk.

Ever been insulted by some one who then breaks into dance and starts singing? Happened to me the other day in the bank whilst I was waiting to do a lodgement. A jittery couple were waiting behind me impatiently for whatever service they required. Attention of any description I suppose. She was swearing at him, grunting and insulting him "STEAKO YOURA DICK" while  he was singing away to himself (some David Guetta toast or other) and placating her "KAM DOWN,KAM DOWN,LUV", both pausing at different moments to check the mobile devices they waved about them as though they were magic talismans to ward off demons. I turned at one point and made eye contact. Not meaning any harm but this was immediately interpreted as being judgemental.."WHA THE GAYLORD LOOKEN AT?" he asked. "SHUR UP YOU WANGER,DOON START" she replied laughing and shaking. Quite a thrill to be present at what was obviously the funniest moment in both their lives. Both were well tattooed. Which is to say they had a lot of Tattoos not necessarily that they had been tattooed in a good way. They had tattoos in the same way some people wear Ug boots. I do not know how else to describe it. It is nothing to me or anyone else how another person chooses to decorate themselves. It is an art and generally a beautiful thing. I have friends who's choice of inks and whose skin displays art that would put the roof of the Sistine Chapel to shame. Whose intricate and beautifully crafted tattoos would make a Yakuza gangster blush inadequately. Yet none of them use them in place of a personality. Sometimes a beard is just a beard.
            Oh well, it was nice to hear two people enjoying themselves and to think that for some the party never really ends. You never have to wait for the fat lady to sing when you are in fact the fat lady of your own life. When you are your own Greek chorus. When you are the Jeremy Kyle audience member anxiously awaiting the results of the paternity test results of the baby conceived against a wheelie bin outside a kebab shop "CAUSEATTHEENDOFTHEDAYLUVEISBLIND". When you are the one who puts the old into everyone else's Lang Syne. Yes, that is right, we are all made of stars.