Saturday, 28 March 2015

We Are All Completely Folk'd Now.

Oh What A Night! The launch for the third book in Laurence Donaghy's Folk'd trilogy was a big success with a large turn out and a friendly crowd on Thursday night at the FPI store in Belfast. Laurence was particularly chuffed at the cosplay of his character The Morrigan. She will cut a bloody swathe through a blood drenched battlefield with her spear whilst I could tidy up behind her as she goes with my duster of Tir Na Nog.
             There is nothing more unsightly than a blood drenched body strewn battlefield.
             This trilogy of books by Laurence has really raised the bar high for anyone following in his wake. Let them be a rallying point for all the talent out there who have considered entering the story telling field and have found up until now they lacked the inspiration and the motivation.
               A new voice has truly risen in the North Of Ireland.
               But there is no reason he should be the only one.