Thursday, 12 February 2015

Oh The Pain,The Pain.

Famous Monsters magazine #278 carries extensive articles and features and absolutely glorious pics from this beloved television show. This always enjoyable and hugely informative publication hits a high for me with this particular issue. From its small screen hey day to all that followed after for the cast and crew is recorded with affection and insight. Warning Will Robinson!Danger!Danger!Three seasons, eighty odd episodes, these were the voyages of the Star ship Jupiter Two with its crew of the space family Robinson, their loyal Robot and the unforgettable Zachary Smith as they searched for a way home.
             The opening credits with its cartoon cosmonauts drifting through space but tethered together with the electric theme tune really got my young heart racing and also the tone of some of the cliffhangers really left me wondering if I could survive until next time. Some of those episodes may seem quite goofy to more modern eyes but those were alien worlds to me.
              They never did manage to find their way home.
              Never Fear!Smith Is Here!