Saturday, 28 February 2015

December 1976 All Over Again.

Thworp,Thworp,Thworp...Here is a lovely wee gem, a fourth Doctor and Sarah Jane story from the TV Comic annual 1977( which off course meant it turned up in many a Christmas stocking in December 1976.That is the way it was back in the day.) It a lovely wee five page story set in Cornwall and features The Doctor as he was in that first Tom Baker story Robot. Just look at him whizzing about in the lovely yellow roadster Bessie with the lovely Sarah Jane( Who seems to have based her dress sense on recent 1976 issues of Jackie.) I think the artwork may have been by John Canning but I do not know if he wrote it or perhaps some one else did. Maybe it was even a redrawn Jon Pertwee script as The Doctor mentions the cottage where he lives and I do remember the TV Comic Third Doctor did live in a quaint English cottage.
             Is it not beautiful all the same?Hope it is okay to share it . I just thought many fans of this period of the show may not have even been aware of the Doctor's adventures between the pages of the much loved TV Comic and would like to see it. It being so in keeping with the previous post.
              Thworp,Thworp,Thworp...Thats me dematerialising that is..