Wednesday, 25 February 2015

A Thing Of Beauty And A Joy Forever.

Truly a thing of beauty and The Doctor remains a joy forever. Some of the figures produced by this magazine publisher have been exquisite. The latest special is the tragic and timeless Robot of Tom Baker's debut story. It really is a fine design and has not dated at all . It stands on a bookshelf in my house towering above my Fourth Doctor figure(Although we all know no one towers above Baker.) The Robot design is a flawlessly crafted work of art. Imposingly symmetrical and terrifying functional. Although mechanical it has an architectural resonance, its cranial arch almost art noveaux. There is a silvery retro feel to it which is really a gift endowed by the passing decades. Time can add as well as take away.
               Mind you it really reminded me of a robot King Kong when it grew to giant size and started waving a handful of Sarah Jane around in a Fay Wray Stylee.
               Not something you see every day.