Wednesday, 5 November 2014

The Two Pertwees.

Will you look at this. Felt my heart skip a beat. Sean Pertwee in costume as Jon Pertwee in costume as The Doctor. Just amazing. I want to see this on television some time soon. Capaldi and a Pertwee. It has to happen.( Still have not come down from Saturday nights episode. Not even the big reveal more the truly horrible underlying ghastliness of the three words.) Sean Pertwee posted this on twitter on Halloween. He is such a good actor in his own right there must surely be a way to use him in New Who. I still remember his Hugh Berengar in Cadfeal(With Derek Jacobi as Cadfeal, another Who connect).
                  The cover iff the 1975 Who annual is my own from back in the day. My poor old ma bought it for me as a Christmas present in 1974. I remember her taking me into this old shop called May Browns in Ardoyne and telling me YOU CAN PICK ONE THING. My family did not have a pot to piss in and May Brown would let trusted customers have things on lay over which they could pay off. I picked this annual and counted the days til that Christmas morning.
                  Best Christmas annual ever. I never had my nose out of it. Protected it like it was the rarest thing on the earth. Still have it as you can see. Hoped some day as a grown man to have a purple suit and a ruffled shirt like the most elegant Doctor of them all.
                   Still hoping.
                   To be a grown man that is. Got the suit and shirt long ago.