Thursday, 20 November 2014

Noe Second Helpings.

A big shout out and resounding thank you to everyone who showed up for the Noe The Savage Boy#2 signing at The Forbidden Planet International Store in Belfast and for making the day such a memorable one. Thank you for having the patience to stand through the late start(flooding on the railway line between Dublin and Belfast delayed the arrival of one of the Noe crew and even the comics themselves. Yet let the storm winds blow and the Tempests rage The Coney Express always gets through.)Thank you for queuing with such good humour and good graces. It was nice to see friends old and new , to see those who had turned up for the first issue and came back for the second. Your good judgement and taste pleases no end. Thanks David who made Noe#1 the first comic he has bought in years I LIKED YOUR EARLY WORK.CAPTAIN SPUNKY!( He meant Major Power and Spunky off course by Sean Doran and myself. He said they always made him laugh. They always made me and Sean laugh too. They had such a life of their own and the dirty antics they got up to would have made a whore blush. Wonder where the good Major and his wee side-kick are hanging out these days. The Major was always hanging out, he was blessedly endowed.) And thank you for young Matthew for making Noe#1 and Noe#2 the first comics in his collection. I hope your new hobby enriches your life for years to come.
                 Thank you to all the guys at the store for making the event run so smoothly. You make juggling the many variables of a signing seem easy. Hours of nerves go into the build up to a signing and then it is all over in a flash. Like a Vietnam flashback only slightly less muddy.
                     Despite the misspelled promise on the original flyer for our signing there was in fact no singing. Just signing and a bit of sketching. I would have been more than happy to warble for the  pleasure of our attendees but my singing is not for the faint hearted. You ought to hear my rendition of Gonna Wash That Man Right Out Of My Hair from the musical South Pacific. Palm trees have swooned and bent. I have always had a soft spot for South Pacific and who could forget Captain Sensible's version of Happy Talk. Check out the TOTP segment on Youtube. You will always associate it with good times...
                     And so, in just such a spirit,especially for you...ahem..
                    HAPPY TALKIN' TALKIN' HAPPY TALK,
                    TALK ABOUT THINGS YOU LIKE TO DO,
                    YOU GOTTA HAVE A DREAM,
                     IF YOU DONT HAVE A DREAM,
                     HOW YOU GONNA HAVE A DREAM COME TRUE?