Tuesday, 30 April 2019

Alien Anniversary Short Films.

Really enjoying the recent series of fan made short films under the umbrella of the 40th anniversary of ALIEN. Saw three so far and each one has been a treat for long term and new viewers, it is so easy to forget how ingrained in the shared cultural zeitgeist The Alien Mythos has become. I doubt there is a person with a working brain who is not familiar with the reproductive and life cycle of this fictional monster, it goes that deep into the nightmares of human beings...
            They are not re-inventing the wheel here, each one exploring what many consider to be tropes of the saga by now but they are done with such gusto and aplomb it would be churlish to sneer. Besides, that is not something a gentleman does.
             Each one is short but uses their screen time well, never outstays their welcome  and quite frankly just leaves me hungry for more. Which is the intent I suppose. I am hearing the classic and ageless Jerry Goldsmith Alien original soundtrack in the empty theater of my mind as I type this..