Thursday, 3 August 2017

Twice Upon A Time.

How good is that trailer for the Doctor Who Christmas special Twice Upon a Time.That disolve from black and white to color is goose-bump inducing. Who says you cannot time travel..well, every body I suppose but I mean what a clever way of crossing the decades and different eras.
             And those scenes in the filth of the First World War trenches and Mark Gatiss as that soldier.
Amazing. I imagine nearly every Doctor Who fan went "Aaah, Captain Lethbridge Stewart" as we do. It had such a Rudyard Kipling vibe, I believe he lost a son in that conflict. A terrible time for humanity and one we should never forget. And maybe, just maybe that soldier is some relative of the Brigadier.
             Anybody remember Jona Lewie and stop The Cavalry? that old Christmassey song about life in the trenches and the football match in the snow. A small pop cultural gem that stresses our shared humanity. Stick it on. Watch the twice Upon a Time trailer with the sound turned down.
             We know now that the Christmas special is a perfect storm of endings.
              Let us hope it is also a celebration of new beginnings.
              After that stunning two part finale story they have raised the bar quite high for themselves in terms of assuring that Peter Capaldi's last story is one to never forget. The trailer for this special would indicate that is exactly what we will be getting this Christmas Night. every Christmas being Last Christmas.
              And I must confess as much as I liked everything in this trailer my heart skipped for joy when I heard Pearl Mackie's voice. Oh Bill, I miss you already. Welcome back..
              Welcome home.