Thursday, 3 August 2017

Mighty Monkey.

"With great power comes great responsibility ." so said Peter Parker's Uncle Ben. I can barely understand my Uncle Ben, he is so rarely sober but if he could speak intelligibly he would probably say something similar if he was talking to a monkey who understood English. It is an unspoken tag for most super hero myths and this one carries it off with a degree of aplomb Dr. Doolittle would approve off. Mighty monkey is a fantastic new book by local writer Ian Gallagher who I had the pleasure of meeting this week. He and his creative team mate Bryan Heemskerk have devised a wonderful wee tale that rifts on heroic comic book troupes while retaining enough of itself to feel new and fresh. In a series of rhyming couplets the story of Mighty Monkey unfolds as both an inner monologue or for the swarthier among us a performable tale of simian heroics from deep in a dangerous jungle. which is so say "Its great fun read aloud."
             I had the good fortune to meet the writer ian Gallagher and was impressed by his genuine desire to tell a tale for children that would inspire as well as entertain.
             And on the strength of this little Big book he suceeds splendidly.
            Oh yes, I read it out loud.