Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Trevor Baxter.

So very saddened to hear that the wonderful Trevor Baxter has passed away. Al;ong with Christopher
Benjamin he formed just one half of one of my very favorite duos in the history of my favorite show.
The Jago And Litefoot CDs from Big Finish were among my best buys for a few years now. The chemistry between the two leads was so strong many of those tales play out visually in the ramshackle theater of my imagination as if I had seen them rather than just heard them.Warm, witty and infernally inventive a succession of clever writers and very talented producers and performers brought their tales alive and will remain so as long as those CDs are available.
              The origin tale of their adventures was the classic era Talons Of Weng Chiang and it was a good many years until they were reunited in an equally classic tale, presented in a slightly different medium, The Mahogany Murderers. Emerging from the swirling fog of history in every sense Jago And Litefoot were constantly on the trail of the rum and the uncanny. Just a joy to listen to and I have passed many a wintry evening in their company.
               Over that time I have grown so fond of that pair of chums and their friends Ellie and Quick.
The extras on the CDs in which the actors and writers and producers discussed the recordings and their lives were just gravy, rich and saucy and full of life and so full of laughter and joy. One felt one knew them if only because of this intimate proximity to their garrulous bonhomie.  It is hard to imagine no more nights in the rowdy bar of The Red Tavern. It was a blessing off course to meet them again and to share in their adventures way past the point of that Doctor Who yarn oh so very long ago and faraway.
                 Somewhere foggily familiar the game is always afoot and Jago And Litefoot are in pursuit of their eternal infernal incidents and investigations.