Sunday, 9 July 2017

The Hunt.

Met the writer/artist Colin Lorimer as he was on a visit to the province. Him comic series The Hunt, now collected as an amazing graphic novel, is just one of the best dark fantasy tales on the shelves and is one of the edgiest explorations of magic and Irish mythology I have read. he is a modest unassuming fellow who also happens to be immensely talented. As two old residents of Belfast we talked about how much the comic book scene in Belfast and for that matter the wider world has changed with the passing years. We first met in a tiny unit in Smithfield market and Belfast City Center in pre-internet days. Back in the days when we got news from magazines such as Starburst
when it was possible to read something for the first time and go"Good grief, no!"
             In the case of The Hunt I have to go"Good grief, Yes!"