Tuesday, 25 October 2016

The Midnight Folk.

Felt like a change of pace and theme after HP Lovecraft, at least for one book.Found a lovely old paperback edition of John Masefield's The Midnight Folk.It is a story about a boy on a treasure quest in a huge rambling house in the country.It has talking, and scheming, animals in it as well as witches and mer-folk.So naturally it feels very much like real life to me.There are no chapters in it, it just rips along at a worldly pace and one never quite knows what is going to emerge from the woods.Which is a realistic quality in itself.I find life rarely unfolds in chapters.
              In real life none of the chapter headings would make any sense.
              Through ut the story the main character Kay drifts in and out of dreams. It feels like a real story from very long ago. The kind of dreamy summers that seemed so familiar so long back i the day. I know time passes at no greater a speed as we grow older but our perception o time and its passage does change. Masefield captures on paper so well that perception. Without belabouring it or painting it in the melancholy tones I just did.
              John Masefield was the Poet Laureate right up to his death in 1967.
              He never got to see Patrick Troughton appear in the telly adaption of The Box Of Delights.
              Unless there are televisions in the afterlife.That is not too much of a stretch is it?Heaven could quite probably look like Olympus in the old Harryhausen movie Jason And The Argonauts.Only with televisions.Wall mounted and flat screened.Or maybe retro-bakelite boxes. That would look cool.Might take the sting out of not being alive.
              Mind you it might not.
              Anyway this was a lovely read and well worth 3/6.