Sunday, 2 October 2016

Basil's Tea Party.

Basil has invited three peg dolls round for tea. It is all terribly civilized off course despite the absence of a chaperone. One has to think of a ladies reputation even in these more enlightened times. this was a lovely annual with some great artwork and stories including one when Basil is trying to keep an eye on a neighbours house while they are on holiday but actually drives to actual house sitter crazy with his good intentions.All comes good in the end. As all Christmas annuals did back in the day.
              My favourite Christmas Annual remains the Doctor Who annual 1975.
              It was just the right book for the right brain that Christmas morning all those years ago.I will never forget my poor old cash strapped ma taking me into May Brown,s Emporium and saying "you can pick one thing for Christmas" which she then paid off on the run up to the big day. Working class families survived on tick. I suppose many of them still do.Although May would just tell you off and complain if you could not keep up prepayments.I believe the money lenders that exist these days are altogether more ruthless in their pursuit of unpaid debts.
              Like The Judoon.
              Only actually frightening.