Sunday, 3 July 2016


Found this posted to my locker in work. Some ones idea of a joke at the expense of my fondness for Doctor Who. Shocking,Eh? Is This a Who Crime? It was either posted there by someone from the middle ages or some one with a slim grasp of spelling. And I do work next to an ex-colleague of Thomas Cromwell who thinks Doctor Who is rubbish. It is true I have heard him say on more than one occasion "Doctor Who is rubbish.". I have tried to tell him that life is not all witchcraft trials and variations on themes by Thomas Tallis bu the Tudor mind-set is a tough one to rattle. Still I would not wish to blame him in the wrong.
            Although in my case that would result in little more than a long sigh or a roll of the eyes. Back in the day when he got things wrong it usually ended up in a beheading or a bonfire. The human kind.