Sunday, 10 July 2016

Big Friendly Me?

Look what some one presented to me and asked if I was getting royalties. Bloomin' Cheek! I suppose in a way I am a BFG. but I am more of a Big Friendly Gay than a Big Friendly Giant..
                Well, I try to be friendly. It may not always be the case but I do try.
                As if Steven Speilberg would ever give me anything. other than the joy of watching some of the best movies I have ever seen. He has even directed one of my favorite Columbo stories.
                I remember back in the day in a store I used to work in this customer in a broad and loud Belfast asked me for a video (that is a medium in which films were recorded and stored on tape!) by the director Stephen Spaceberg called We Do Not Need Your Batteries.
                Alas we did not.
                The same customer later asked me if the sequel to Braveheart had come out. The film about William Wallace that is presumably set after his death.