Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Rebirth Of The Alchemical Dream.

What a beauatiful piece of work. I just watched The Alchemical Dream;Rebirth Of The Great Work by Terence Mc Kenna and Sheldon Rocklin of Mystic Fire. It is a film in which we see Terence Mc Kenna in the guise of John Dee as he relates a lost history and failed alchemical renaissance initially instigated by King Frederick V and his wife Elizabeth of Bohemia. He movingly renders an almost history and the creation of an alchemical kingdom based on the same principles. Although it did fail in its own way it pushed open a door into a new way/old of thinking and perhaps ushered in a Europe wide resurgence of beliefs in rationalism in the minds of its prime movers and thinkers. Even in failure it signalled the first light of a new age of enlightened thinking both marginal and increasingly mainstream. Well, as mainstream as the forces who ruled would allow.
             Terence Mc kenna was a wonderful and wonderful speaker . A truly enlightened being who saw the human condition for all it was and who with insight, wisdom and generosity of intellect attempted to elevate all, leaving none behind.
              It was lovely to see him dressed as the enigmatic Elizabethan everyman wondering around Prague and waxing lyrically about the alchemical revelation and all the maybes we almost inherited.
At its heart beats a rhythmic poetical defence of enlightenment in the face of ignorance and political manipulation and the avarice of empire builders.And it is a joy to see and hear such an artistic and educational piece. one which shows one of the centuries most articulate speakers on the very top of his game. One cannot have gradations of uniqueness.One either is or is not unique. Terence was one such individual. And possessed of a special human quality. He was easy to like.
              Seek it out.
              In Terence Mc Kenna's own words "Find The Other."
                                                             (From my sketch book.)