Saturday, 11 June 2016

Dirk Gently's Holistic Comic Books.

Big shout out for IDWs latest Dirk gently triumph A Spoon Too Short. The second series based on Douglas Adam's Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency written by Avrind Ethan David and drawn by Ilias Kryniazis. A great team. Just finished the 4th issue and thought I just had to mention how good this series has been. I had misgivings at the start of the first series The Interconnectedness Of All Things when it was mooted that Dirk would be relocating his enterprise to the United States Of The Americas , Fearing it might lose the very BBcness of the stories that sort of endeared them to me(It is though my brain is permanently hard-wired to translate any special effects into quite cheaply achieved ones.In the ramshackle theatre of my mind I never see Weta type endless vistas of computer generated unreality I usually see a lovingly rendered painted back drop on a wobbly set. So that no matter how extraordinary the concept or breath taking and thought provoking the prose I see classic Doctor Who special effects.)) but it was all done with aplomb and great charm. If you cannot find the single issues, with the fantastic variant covers, do not despair as IDW brought out a lovely graphic novel collection.These are great creative people carrying on a great creative legacy and boy have they risen to the challenge. I recently  watched an old South Bank Show interview with Douglas Adams and it led me to getting all Hitchikered Up again. So this series was just the most wonderful gravy.
              It is easy to forget when leads a linear existence, travelling forward through time one second at a time, that science and speculation can be funny as well as perplexing and even mostly both.
              Am so enjoying seeing this comic breathe new life and creating new fans for a character who whilst popular has never quite broken through to the audience his bizarre and yet familiar world deserves. It should go a long way to addressing that.