Tuesday, 31 May 2016

A Young Pup Yet.

Happy 500th Birthday Doctor Who Magazine. What a landmark and what a magazine. It has always seemed to be around but off course it was not. How well I remember racing to the newsagents in Alliance Avenue to get my copy(After begging for the twelve pence to pay for it. I never had any money.In fact I had thought it was going to cost ten pence not twelve pence. A whole two pee of a difference.That was four fruit salads or a whopper..) I had assumed people would be buying it the way they bought newspapers and that the street would be awash with young and old wandering around with their noses buried in it or commenting on its contents, like the much later Monitors on Logopolis working away on their abstract block transfer computations. Wow, that was an expression that was not thrown around many school yards back then. It was all "exterminate, exterminate" or "Doctor you must die!" Not much chatter about entropy or CVEs
           It is so strange but I remember looking at the feature and pictures in this issue of William Hartnells tenure as the High Church himself and thinking of them as centuries past. The sixties might as well have been the eighteen sixties to my young brain. Quite right I suppose. Like ones body ones brain is elastic when young. There have been many years spent since developing a sense of  linear real time and the consequences of its passing.Sadly, regenerating is not an option.
           The magazine has been with us even when the television show was not. There have been many hands guiding the tiller and keeping it sailing across the endless seas of all things Who.I feel as though I have grown up reading it.
             Or at least grown into something reading it.