Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Stories Of The Sunken Ships.

(From my sketchbook.) This the Danish singer Asbjorn as he looks in his video for his song The Criminal. Asbjorn is a very handsome young man with a haunting and quite powerful voice. Imagine Aphex Twin had a wee rascal of a brother.who was much more cerebral than people credited him for. If you have a pop soul but also have a fondness for Bowie's Berlin period.(Low, Heroes and Lodger) and also like sounds by the likes of Kraftwerk, Jean Michelle Jarre, Human League and Tubeway Army you might appreciate Asbjorn as the natural progression to those wonderful artistes.
              He sings like an angel but dances like a Gogo Boy.
              He just seems to revel in his time and that joy for life is infectious.