Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Feeling Kinda Fungi.

                                                                (From my sketchbook.)
found a puff ball mushroom at the bottom of my garden. An odd looking bulbous mushroom that coughed and spat a gust of what looked like talcum powder when pressed. All I could think of were The Hootii from the Doctor who novel Love and War.The horrible Hootii in that great book by Paul Cornell.When the time comes for them to assert control over whatever life form they had infected they cause the host body to burst into a stream of spores.Ghastly and shocking and in the context of this story..heartbreaking.
            I only recently noticed that they actually get a mention in the story set on Karn; The Brain Of Morbius. When Tom Baker was at the very height of his powers and the show was just about the best show on the planet Earth. A situation which has not changed.