Tuesday, 23 February 2016

A Prophecy And A Bog Beast.

Watched a Great double bill the other night. Just me and a bag of jelly babies and two treats from the seventies. One drive-in monster movie classic from 1972 and the other an eco-horror show from about 1977. Saw both in The Shamrock Social Club years ago. Surrounded by chums and hoping if I kept a low enough profile the bouncers would not throw me out for being under age. Yes, that is how long ago I saw them. When I was about fifteen or sixteen. Too young to be served in a bar but I was brass necking it almost every week to see these horror movies; Horror Express, Kingdom Of The Spiders, Food Of The Gods, even The Exorcist. I found the spider movie the most disturbing. A tarantula crawled over William Shatner's face. Terrifying. And I also seem to remember he had an alarmingly large belt buckle holding his pants up. That might all be a distorted memory on my part and the product of a damaged brain.The thought of all those spiders though, Some of the characters did not even react to their inbuilt arachno awfulness with the ferocity I would have expected. The hardy western types treat these gruesome eight legged nightmares as though they were little more than house mice.Were I in their position I would whip out my gun and shoot myself in the head before becoming a side order at the feast of The Kingdom Of The Spiders.
            One of the things I absolutely loved about The Legend Of boggy Creek was how the director used actual characters from the story to portray the events they themselves were involved in. Non-actors pointing out such areas where their two prize hogs were carried off or the spot on the creek where the lonely bog creature stopped to wash its feet in the freezing creek. There is some quite haunting photography involved through out and also long panning shots of melancholy marsh lands and spooky bogs where everything that moves will bite you. I believe this movie was shot as a drive in movie treat, drive-in always sound so iconically American to me. Something that Richie Cunningham and his friends would do off an evening. As timeless as an american ghost town or a pinball machine. Thereis a scene when the "villagers" all get together with shot-guns and hounds to hunt down the beast which has been terrifying the local populace (The town of Foukes poulation; about three hundred.) It is great scene, straight out of Night Of The Living Dead or The Crazies. Two other movies I saw in the Shamrock social Club way back in the day.All the posters for these movies were written in big black markers, and cello-taped to the walls of the club. Hand written by whatever committee member happened to book the movie so mistakes could be made or titles could be misunderstood. For instance The Diary Of A Mad House Wife turned out to be something of a disapointment. And The Crimson Gang turned out to be a movie called The Grissom Gang.
            Still,kept us off the streets I suppose.