Thursday, 27 August 2015

Return To Telos.

Oh cannot tell you how excited I am by receiving this copy of Return to Telos (The last story in season four of the big Finish Fourth Doctor and Leela Stories.) The previous story The Fate Of krelos ended on such a cliff hanger it beautifully played into that sense of expectation viewing the original series did. Well here we are; The Tardis is hurtling through the vortex back to a reunion of sorts. A place and a time where old friends and enemies wait and the past is about to very much become the present..I just do not believe we have reached the end of another season of these great stories. I know there is another season coming in 2016 with the wonderful Lalla Ward and Tom Baker recreating their much loved chemistry but when you live on the slow path six months is a long time.
            Just reread that last line.For shame, you see how greedy one can become when you get what you just want more..