Saturday, 9 May 2015

Sign Of The Times-Traveller.

Just over ten years ago the writing was on the wall..or the billboards. The doctor was on his way back. The BBC were running an amazing teaser trailer. The Magical Christopher Eccelson running down a long corridor with a wall of flame chasing him. The first time I saw it I felt a firework explode inside my head. My hero The Doctor was getting another chance and he was in good hands...
                  Billboards? Billboards announcing his return all over the place. This was big news back then. I had hoped for so long to see him again and to watch new stories unfold and the myth to grow and grow. I just could not believe that there were billboards with my hero's face all over them. Sure, it was a new face but I am a life long fan of the man from Gallifrey so it had happened before..eight or nine times( I love Peter Cushing's interpretation and although it is not canon I do not mind. Life so rarely conforms to canon.) I got my brother to drive around town so I could take photos. He was mortified. What if someone who knew him saw this boobie behaviour? I was pretty much used to the scorn my passions evoked in complete strangers let alone people who knew me. I let it go. Tried not to judge the mockers too harshly. He was more of the busted heads school of thought.
                  Ten years and three (or four!) new faces later the wheezing and grinding of the greatest ship in the galaxy still resounds around the worlds of space and time.
                  Unfortunately those are also the sounds I make climbing a flight of stairs.
                  I need to regenerate not degenerate.