Sunday, 10 May 2015

Easy.Easy Like Sunday Morning.

When winter leaves the branches bare and icy breezes fill the air just go for a wee dander with your chums. Well, thats what I like to do. Like the gentlemen in this lovely cover for the magazine Comic Art. It was done by the Canadian artist and writer Seth. I so enjoyed his comic Palookaville and I really really enjoyed the collection of stories from that publication that made up the wonderful Its A Good Life If You Do'nt Weaken. It appeared to be semi-autobiographical and captured a series of bitter sweet moments in the life of an art collector and artist as he moves through our fragmented times. It was all rendered so artfully and stands as a brilliant collection that comprises a well written and beautifully drawn story that is touchingly human.
              We are all such fragile beings at the whim of titanic forces that shape our destinies without a care for where we end up.
               Be strong.
               Be true.
               Do'nt weaken.
               Be yourself.