Sunday, 4 January 2015

Timey Whimy Love.

My sister gave me a copy of this book at Christmas not so much as a present or anything more a failed read on her part. She had attempted to read it but abandoned it because it had "all that time travelly stuff" in it. She perhaps misunderstood the title which more than hints at the presence of "time travelly stuff". It is indeed a book about a woman married to a man who travels through time.
            Not unlike yer woman with the big hair.
            River Song.
            Although she has done quite a bit of time traveling herself. River Song not my sister. Within a capsule mostly. A Tardis to be exact. The lady in the novel does not however travel in time. Her husband does. She does not. Well, no more than all of us,which is to say in one direction one second at a time.
            I did not abandon it. I stuck with it right to the end. And enjoyed almost every page which I turned with some rapidity. Thought it was a fantastic read. Very emotionally engaging and even giving the little grey cells a run for their money.It was witty and insightful and although possessed of a lightness of touch it never shied from the notion that even the best we strive to be can fall short of the mark. Showing that time passes and takes its toll on even those who pass through time.
              No spoilers; to quote yer woman Song.
              Take a break from all yer worries and read it.
              I did notice in the Doctor Who episode Dark Waters that the Doctor had secreted one of his seven Tardis keys inside a copy of the book( When Clara went on her Tardis key destroying rampage at her grief over the death of Danny Pink.Speaking of that..
              Do you think it was The Mistress driving the car that ran him over?)
              Any book good enough to be in The Tardis library is surely worth a space on your bookshelf.