Thursday, 8 January 2015

A Gentle Companion.

This is not just any dog, you know. This is a dog in training to become a life companion to a blind or partially sighted person. This noble animal is a working dog and one day it will bring such quality of life to someone who needs it in a way that it is hard to underestimate. That kind and patient face(The dog's face and not the utter fop standing next to it) masks a noble nature, gentle yet strong enough to be supportive. It is no accident that Labradors make the best trainee guide-dogs, they are smart with a goodly temperament and they learn and they remember.
             Please, if you can, give generously any time you see one of the wee charity boxes, the little plastic dog on the store counter. Anything you can give is I am sure appreciated. It takes a long time and a lot of work to prepare a dog to become a life companion and I am proud to have met this one. As one who was raised by a partially sighted person I know how hard this world can be for some one to get about unaided.
              Ah to be the guiding eyes for some one who cannot see for themselves.
              No wonder they call them Man's Best Friend.