Thursday, 29 May 2014

Folk'd Up.

The writer Lawrence Donaghy removes his coat in order to sort out the extraordinary fop who has materialised in front of his signing table doing a rendition of Noel Coward's We All Wear a Green Carnation.
Honestly, these shameless mercurial types seek every opportunity to forward their hideous musical theater agenda. Lawrence soon put a stop to his self serving posturing and overuse of comedic phrasing and normal broadcasting soon resumed.
              It was another very successful signing and a very welcome turnout for this young writers second volume in the proposed trilogy. Some returning visitors from the original launch for the first book and a whole lot of new ones coming on board for a wild journey into Northern Irish fantasy storytelling. If you have not got on board yet now would be a good time to treat your book shelf to a couple of keepers.
               There was no clinking of wine glasses( Plastic cups, do'nt you know.) but a good time was had by all and carried on into the dark Belfast night if the vibrations on the spidery grapevine are to be believed.
               Just as it should be.
              A group of Good friends getting Folk'd Up together.