Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Alonso Frame.

Alonso Frame appeared for the first time in the 2007 Doctor Who Christmas Special Voyage Of The Damned. A real treat for anyone gorged on Christmas dinner and made merry with wine( honestly, my face was as red as Bannakafalatta!). I instantly fell in love with the brave handsome Alonso( played by the brave and handsome Russel Tovey, the man with the nicest bum in science fiction. You get to see it in almost every episode of the wonderful and much missed Being Human.)Alonso's one encounter with The Doctor almost led to his death and the near extinction of all life on Planet Earth.
               I have often pondered this might well be the only drawback in meeting The Doctor.
               Mind you, that would not stop me from bolting through those open blue police box doors if I ever got the chance.
               Anyway I have been working on a wee comic strip about what Alonso did before working for Max Capricorn, where he was born, where he grew up. It is just a bit of fun on my part and is no way intended to compromise the integrity or ownership or the intellectual properties of Alonso's actual creators, the magnificent Russel T. Davis and the Grand Old BBC. It is just something scribbled with respect and enthusiasm by someone in awe of the character and his actual creators.My favorite companion who never became a companion.
               Hope to have it up on Saturday so if you are around why not swing by.
               All aboard;destination The Starship Titanic.
               Somewhere in the upper atmosphere of the Earth, Christmas, 2007.