Saturday, 12 April 2014

Saturday Tea-Time 1977 All Over Again.

I have heard it said it takes a crooked man to build a crooked house,well in this case it is very true. In an off-season sea-side town where something jagged and grotesque stalks the streets leaving gruesome deaths in its wake a wheezing and a groaning announce the arrival of The Doctor and Leela to lend aid. The sole local constabulary officer is terribly out of his depth in the face of this otherworldly foe with a Mister Punch face. I am talking about the latest offering from Big Finish Productions; the third in a second series of Forth Doctor and Leela stories which are proving every bit as good as the first lot. Each one has been quite different to the one proceeding; a mirror to the seventies series they so aptly follow. This one is a cracker. The wonderful writing and admirable sound design by Big Finish conjure up the winter atmosphere of the haunted location. Baker and Jameson as always shine as do the supporting cast, especially one Neil Stuke who pitches his performance as the Crooked Man just perfectly. Using only his voice alone to bring to life a nightmare figure from a spooky Victorian nursery of an imagination. I can imagine him all distorted elbows and twisted spine in the recording booth in an attempt to channel the crookedness of the character.
This story could have come crackling from the speakers of an old Bakelite radio and deservedly takes an honorable position in the new/old adventures in space and time of The Doctor with one of his best companions and friends.
Oh keep up the great work Big Finish. You make an old fan feel young again.