Saturday, 19 April 2014

A Jesus And Daisy Chain.

How cool are the Jesus And Mary Chain. They not only wrote and performed songs as though they were using chainsaws as musical instruments they also looked like Otherworldy Warholian entities. Or whatever.
            I so wanted to be able to express myself in such a glorious fashion but have none of the required variables( And am totally incapable of ever being cool.)I tried it in the only way I could. A comic strip written as though it were a pop song by The Jesus And Mary Chain or The Velvet Underground. That is why it is a bit of a nonsense poem of sorts. Why it feels as though words are missing and like it does not feel as though it is about anything. Only that it may sound good and is pretty to look at. I do not know; why does any song work?
            It was drawn by a local artist Sean Hamilton. Well, local to me anyway. And he totally got me and did a better job than I could have hoped for. I love his washy colors, the lightness. We worked together way back in the day on another wee story The Good Father. There are probably a few copies lurking in the bottom of certain peoples comic boxes who I forced it onto. If it is any help to anyone who has a copy and is thinking of rereading it, I heard the Velvet Underground Sunday Morning in my head as I wrote it.Sean immigrated to Australia shortly after we worked together. I do hope I did not contribute to his decision. I believe he has since moved back. I do hope I did contribute to that decision.
            Oh by the way, Happy Easter to you.
            I hope the Sun finds you in a field full of Sunflowers.