Sunday, 16 March 2014

The Third And A bit Doctor.

The events as detailed in the wonderful Day Of The Doctor got me thinking WHAT IF THE JOHN HURT INCARNATION OF THE DOCTOR WAS NOT THE ONLY REGENERATION WE WERE UNAWARE OFF? Just like that. In bigger letters than I normally think. What if there was another wonderful face that remained unseen by us as we followed The Doctor through his lives. That if The Doctor would hide an incarnation out of a sense of terrible shame would he not also be capable of hiding one out of a sense of slight embarrassment? So I dug deep and and discovered that this was in fact the almost truth and that there had been a regeneration between the third and forth that was not the one we thought we knew but one that Jon Pertwee and Tom baker re-enacted in order to bury a delightful truth; That Worzel Gummidge was in fact the forth incarnation of The Last Of the Timelords known as The Doctor. Whilst diving near the wreck of a downed submarine at the base of an abandoned oil rig in the north sea( investigating rumors of aquatic silurian activity. Well, is that any less likely than finding The Web Of Fear on a window sill in Nigeria?) I discovered a short reel of a deleted scene suggesting the Worzel thing may not be the figment of a figmenty mind. Here are a few stills from that reel, for your eyes only, do not tell anyone, the BBC will want it back.