Wednesday, 5 March 2014

A Brush With The Best Possible Taste.

Just this morning I had me such a good idea for a television show I thought I could pin a bushy tail on it and call it a fox. Basil the Fox to be exact. I have drafted a proposal to send to the BBC, a proposal for a new show about a renegade Time-lord (another renegade Time-lord) with impeccable dress sense, one travels through space and time in a dog kennel( which is slightly smaller on the inside than the outside) with his companion robot shaped like a dog, K9. It would be a spin off from the long running children's show which adults adore Doctor Who and Basil Brush's own show The Basil Brush show. The series would be called DEEP SPACE CANINES with the tagline I AM NOT A DOG AND NEITHER IS HE. This renegade Time-lord would have bright ginger hair and he would off course be played by Basil Brush himself. I can just see him scooting all over the place like a big idjit on K9's back reversing the polarity of the neutron bone.
               Basil Brush would be good to go as is, no costume fitting or read through necessary. Basil is already one well dressed fox. He is like some old school English gentleman caught up in some Jules Verne fantasy escapade. Basil did not use his razor sharp intelligence to combat  his detractors, he defeated his enemies by being better dressed than them. GREATER LOVE HAS NO MAN NOR FOX THAN TO LAY HIS BOOM BOOM DOWN FOR A FRIEND BOOM,BOOM! Basil once said. He once told esteemed chat show host Michael Parkinson about the details of his childhood. I WAS BORN AT AN EARLY AGE he began. I AM AFRAID MY PARENTS COULD NOT WAIT TO GET RID OF ME.IN FACT MY MOTHER USED TO WRAP MY SANDWICHES IN ROAD MAPS.BOOM,BOOM!One of his friends back the was a household name. HIS NAME IS FRED KITCHEN.BOOM,BOOM! Okay the whole boom boom thing could grate after a while and the level of sophistication  is not quite Oscar Wilde but Basil has something which Oscar did not have; a truly magnificent tail. Oh what a marvelous appendage that tail is. The always dependable foil to Basil's anarchic ramblings. Wish I had one like it.
                 At the very height of his Basil's fame all the shining lights of his day were falling over themselves to share a few moments screen time with the original fantastic fox. Stars such as Cilla Black,John Inman, Henry Cooper and Alvin Stardust to name but a few. They shared the screen time but could not steal it.
                 After Basil finished with his very popular light entertainment show I had sort off expected him to pursue a career in acting. For him to perhaps take to the boards, some Shakespeare, some Chekov, some Ronnie Barker or Samuel Beckett. Perhaps the BBC will consider my proposal and Basil will be given the opportunty to stretch his acting muscles, to rise to the challenge with the grace of an Olympian or just a fox who can run really really fast.