Saturday, 1 June 2013

The Game Is still Afoot.

It was no Study in Scarlet and I am no Sherlock Holmes but it remains a mystery to me. Where did the Elephant go? Who took it and why? It is now ten years to the month since I wrote and drew this strip for fortnight magazine. It was the first thing I submitted to the then editor Malachi O Doherty. He greatly encouraged me to speak in the medium I was most comfortable with and wanted to communicate ideas through. Hence the monthly slice of Boobie-Babble that was Ouija Board Ouija Board. I remember at the time the mystery of the vanishing Elephant was unfolding in real time. I expected developments. I expected answers and in real time they never came. I felt I was Truman Capote and this was my In Cold Blood. The mystery remains just that. As yet I have no resolution.
             Please do not mock.
             Even though it might appear more Scooby Doo than Ripper Street.
             That Elephant remains a pretty damn charming icon of a former time now passed.