Sunday, 12 May 2013


Please say hello to Nick Elephant. A wee strip written by myself and drawn by Sean Doran. Its the true story of one of my friends. Although certain small details have been changed in order to protect the identity of the person concerned. Mind you if you met him you would probably guess it is about him. He and Nick share certain physical characteristics which are hard to disguise. They do however have completely different names which should protect him from the readers insight.
           Sean is just one of the best artists I have ever worked with. He is unique as an artist and as a human being. I have always felt him to be one of the best human beings I have ever interacted with on the earthly plain. Just a sweet guy who was great company. I knew Sean would never judge me harshly. I sensed from the moment we met that he understood perfectly how messed up I am and yet he had the generosity of spirit to accept me as a friend. Finest Kind as Hawkeye Pierce used to say. He and I fathered a few odd but loveable children together.Major Power and Spunky. Catholic Lad and off course Nick Elephant. I miss him a lot since he left Belfast to live in the Great Babylon London. The city that eats Irish people.
              The elephant has become something of an artistic and spiritual totem for me. I have used the elephant more than once in a story or a piece of artwork. I even have a tattoo of one on my upper right arm. It is the Elepant headed Indian Deity of wisdom which I hope in time will impart some in my jam filled mind. I like the idea that elephants are a reminder to us all that giants once roamed this earth. That Mother Nature used to grow her own. That with the right nurturing and protection they will continue to walk this earth as long as we do. In the story of Nick I do hope it comes across that it is not so much his wee elephant head that is his defining and unique physical characteristic but his Ghandi nipple. To have a piece of your anatomy resemble an iconic figure can be quite a burden at times.
              People do not half stare when he goes swimming.