Wednesday, 19 February 2020

Archie And The B52s.

Oh Happy day, heres a wee treat to chase away the Storm Dennis Blues. This comic was released this week and can be found in stores of quality and distinction the world over. The lovely Archie and company meet the even lovelier B52s. Just look at this cheeky cover, a cool reprise of the first album cover.
            Go on, Cheer yourself up and treat yourself. You are going to encounter some bright new friends, reconnect with some older ones you may not have seen for a while and have a few laughs along the way.
            Not a blast of nostalgia but a trove of new fun memories.
            Heres my pic fromm an old sketchbook of the legendary Ricky Wilson, who left the stage far too early but will never be forgotten by anyone who loves great guitar playing and unforgettable songs. For years I have heard the B52s described as one of the worlds greatest party bands and there is absolutely no denying the truth of that but I have always felt they were just one of the greatest bands. Whatever the alchemy is that makes a great band these men and women had it and in all likelihood still do.