Saturday, 17 March 2018

Human League Travelogue.

I have off late I know not why..Well, actually I do. Found myself listening to The Human Leagues Travelogue and marveling about how long ago I first fell for its cool electronic charms. My mid teen brain was fried by the sounds coming out of my old mono speakers. It all sounded so cool and alien and futuristic yet it had a very English sound to it. The vocals and the strange other worldly lyrics that issued from my carpet bound speakers that seemed to tell me twice told tales of far away places with exotic names where they spent krugerrands instead of pounds, pennies and pence. Where things could be one micron long but weigh more than Saturn. Where you could ask telly genius, and action boffin,James Burke for help.
            I used to pour over this cover. This distant field of snow with a red sky and a sun setting, with straining huskies pulling an intrepid traveler. I used to wonder if they were traveling towards something or fleeing from something. There were small photos of the original line up and band members on the rear sleeve and lyrics too. more than I was used to seeing on an album sleeve or even the inner sleeve. They struck me as young professors or scientists who had learned to make music and I could not imagine them ever appearing on Top Of The Pops. They did off course, with a different line up. And I thought they looked like a Jim Steranko  drawing had come to life. particularly Phil Oakie who looked like Lady Hydra. The cover design for the album made for one of the best home made tee shirts I have ever owned. And I do not own many tee shirts...
             I'm a gentleman, I am..