Wednesday, 22 February 2017

The Big Red White And Blue One.

Years ago at a San Diego Comic convention I nervously approached the artist Jim Steranko and asked him to sigh a print for me celebrating his amazing time on Capatain America. He did and I still have it hanging on a wall in the Steptoe And Son shambles I call a home. Thought the oppurtunity to get a shot with Belfast Cap was too good to pass up. Hence my goofy fan boy face. Cap even struck a pose in the Steranko Stylee. He looks cool. I look my usual barnacle self.
          He was raising money for a charity combating a terrible condition called Vanishing White Matter. It is a quite rare condition but two kids from the same family here in northern Ireland have been struck by it. Their family do the best the can but it is a tough fight against a merciless unforgiving opponent. The Good Captain and his ever reliable (honest, he is.) chum Deadpool hit the Belfast streets yesterday selling raffle tickets in an attempt to raise money on behalf of this good cause, raising money to help the family through this tough time.Check it out on Caps Facebook page.
           Sometimes the good fight is not always a clear cut one but this one is. A terrible bully is threatening a good family and the good guys are doing all they can to help them.
            If you can do anything to support them please do.