Thursday, 16 April 2015

Village Of The Folk'd.

I did a couple of drawings, at the authoor's request, to accompany a great Folk'd short story/novella by Laurence Donaghy called Village Of The Folk'd. A stunning wee tale that turned my spine to jelly and which built  to a nail-biting conclusion. If you were one of those people who ran out of the cinema screaming when Shelob tried to turn Frodo into a Hobbit kebab you will struggle with this wee nightmare yarn. Set in 1972 it expands on the Folk'd mythos in a way that will surprise and entertain in equal amounts.
              Laurence, being the innovative person that he is, turned my drawings into a pastiche of the much loved Ireland's Own and into a comic book cover which possibly exists as a full issue in some alternate reality. He green lighted the use of them for my own page so here they are.
              If you have as yet not tried The Folk'd books today would be a good day to start them.
              And you will have them finished before you know and probably find yourself on a quest to read this great wee one-shot story.
              Keep your eye on Laurence's web site for details of its availability.