Friday, 7 February 2014

Kwanten of Solace

A thing of beauty and a joy forever, or Ryan Kwanten as he is known to the rest of the world. It is my birthday today and I had indulged in one secret big five-oh birthday wish that just never came true, and yes it broke the bounds of all known decency but the bounds of decency are such subjective view points. He never showed up anyway so there is a good chance I will see all my loved ones in the next life instead of my predicted fate of an eternity in some sulpherus pit chained to a rock being devoured by a fiery wyrm.That is not a Ryan Kwanten shrine on the window sill next to me by the way.It is a loose ensemble of Ryan Kwanten related memorabillia. Big difference okay, one is looney and the other is an adult appreciation of an artiste at the height of his artistic powers.And boy does he have some adult artistic powers.Ah well, I will not dwell on it. Disapointment dogs my steps like a leprous step dogger. It is Kharma I suppose. I have done nothing to warrant such a feast of pleasures in such a random fashion from whatever forces govern our existence in this world. I shall dedicate the next fifty to making it happen. I will off course look even more like an albino yoda than I already do and he will remain in a state of graceless perfection (much as he does in True Blood Season One or Griff the Invisible or Red Hill or America Brown or Dead Silence or...well, almost everything he has been in.)Going to have to start training today if I hope to make this happen in fifty years.
                  It is going to take me at least fifty to get in even reasonable shape.
                  Or I could just regenerate like yer man from Gallifrey.
                  Only I cannot off course regenerate and every morning I drag my bag of bones from my bed feels like the first time, I fear I must accept my foot is set upon the slow path. Heres to the next fifty....