Thursday, 23 January 2014

The Big Round Ring Of Life.

Oh What A Glorious Feeling Oh What A Glorious Day!I Just Delivered A Baby!Everything Is Going My Way! A heavily pregnant Sockmonkey visiting Belfast from her home in Nantucket went into labor whilst browsing round a charity store I also happened to be in. I had been trying to find a second hand pair of long johns on account of it being so cold lately and I felt the time had come to go all Wallnut Grove. It is actually quite hard to find a decent pair of second hand long johns with a functioning flap. Second hand I can deal with but I draw the line at a wonky flap. IS THERE A DOCTOR IN THE STORE? the lady behind the counter shouted. I am not a doctor off course but I do have some unusual medical skills( none of which are recognised by the British Medical Council but there are a few chemists who have got my number) and I was able to deliver the baby. It was a nerve wracking but entirely life affirming experience, I have never felt more connected to the web of life we all dangle in like spider snacks. Mother and baby are both fine and to honor the customs of the old whaling town and close community they are to return to I got to chose the babies name, his name is Darwin, Darwin Sockmonkey( all sockmonkeys have the same surname). As I said, they are a close community.