Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Folk'd Up Trailer.

Loved the first book and am so looking forward to the second in this trilogy of books by Lawrence Donaghy. Just look at this beautiful cover, it so continues the themes expressed by the first and yet so powerfully indicates a shift, a shift to a world touched by different lights than our own. If you are free this Thursday why not come along( ..Destination The Forbidden Planet International Store Ann Street Belfast Between the hours of six and eight, As your day ends theirs is only beginning...)and support this worthy new local talent(I suspect there is nothing new about his talents its just our good fortune now to see them for ourselves). Lawrence is a gentleman and the good people at Blackstaff had tried something so different from the genres they are perhaps best known for they deserve to be applauded for their confidence in a genuine find.
               Come along, details as above, all are welcome.
               The magic only happens if we believe in it.